Smart City

Water level monitoring for city infrastructure.

As the world population grows and weather events intensify with climate change, we face increasing pressure on our city stormwater and wastewater networks. Many cities have ageing infrastructure that performs poorly during heavy rain events.

Waterwatch provides infrastructure owners and managers with the ability to monitor their networks, allowing real time identification of faults. Over time, monitoring data provides valuable insights into network pinch points enabling more targeted upgrades to be carried out.

Flood Warning

The Waterwatch LS1 provides a cost-effective solution to gain monitoring coverage for your flood protection scheme. Keep updated on changes in water levels with real-time alerts. 


Ongoing monitoring allows issues to be identified early so preventative maintenance can be carried out before weather events arrive. 


From big cities to small seaside communities, Waterwatch has a cost-effective solution to ensure you are protected against our ever-changing climate. 


As a set and forget monitoring system, simply install and configure the sensor to receive notifications for rapidly rising or abnormally high water levels. Alternatively, share data to a local online community for flood warning alerts.

Wastewater Monitoring

Wastewater monitoring can gather important data for local governments and municipalities. Discharges from wastewater treatment plants have a significant impact on the environment. Effective monitoring is vital to ensure that discharges from wastewater treatment plants are not resulting in adverse environmental or health effects.

The Waterwatch LS1 is an advanced and cost-effective solution to remote wastewater network monitoring. The sensor continuously measures at preset time intervals to collect and record water level changes.

Key Features: 

  • Built-in telemetry

  • CSV export

  • 7 day logging

  • Long term field deployment

  • Live data from anywhere on or off site

Key features

  • Scalable to suit large and small projects
  • Flexible data export options, APIs and integrations with water management systems
  • Built-in telemetry 
  • Installation support
  • Cost-effective solution for wide scale monitoring

The most configurable water level sensor on the market.

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