River and Stream Level Monitoring

Protecting communities.

Traditional river and stream level monitoring equipment is both expensive, and complicated to install. Because of this many rivers and streams are currently un-monitored, leaving citizens unaware of rising water levels during heavy rainfall.

Weather events are becoming more frequent and intense. We want water level monitoring technology to be more accessible so that citizens can sleep easy knowing they will be alerted if flooding becomes imminent.

The Waterwatch LS1 non-contact ultrasonic water level sensor provides a cost effective solution to gain comprehensive monitoring coverage of your flood protection scheme. 

Keep updated with changes in water levels as they occur with real time alerts.​ Ongoing monitoring allows issues to be identified early so preventative maintenance can be carried out before weather events arrive.

Flood Warning

The Waterwatch LS1 provides a cost-effective solution to gain monitoring coverage for your flood protection scheme. Keep updated on changes in water levels with real-time alerts. 


Ongoing monitoring allows issues to be identified early so preventative maintenance can be carried out before weather events arrive. 


From farm flooding to seaside communities, Waterwatch has a cost-effective solution to ensure you are protected against our ever-changing climate. 


As a set and forget monitoring system, simply install and configure the sensor to receive notifications for rapidly rising or abnormally high water levels. Alternatively, collect consistent measurements and study fluctuations.

Weir Level and Flow

The Waterwatch LS1 surface level sensor and LS1-P pressure-based depth sensor are used to monitor flow through irrigation races.

The sensors are high accuracy, compact devices making them the perfect solution for replacing the obsolete monitoring equipment. Irrigation companies can regularly check our online dashboard to view real-time and historic level data, or they can use it as a 'set and forget' solution and only check the sensors when they have triggered a threshold alarm.


There is also the ability to monitor usage from different sites remotely, removing the need to visit the weir on a regular basis. 


Both sensors are simple to install and configure yourself, or alongside our helpful support team.

Benchmarking against traditional methods.

River level monitoring

Waterwatch provides a cost effective, easy to install remote water level sensing solution for consistent, comprehensive measurements to be collected.

We have demonstrated how the Waterwatch LS1 performs alongside a traditional monitoring station on the Taieri river.


It proves it's accuracy and suitability for monitoring rivers and streams for flood warning and civil defence purposes. 

Waitati Community Project.

Waitati is a small seaside settlement, 20km north of Dunedin City. The Waitati river flows through the town making it a high risk, flood-prone area. 


The LS1 sensor, along with the Waterwatch Live platform provides the community with important, up to date information and can be set to alert residents of dangerous changes to the river level. 

waitati flood.jpg
  • Sharable access with staff, volunteers and public
  • Low upfront cost makes monitoring accessible for community-funded groups
  • A reliable platform for long term studies
  • Can be installed on existing fences, posts or bridges

Key features

Real time updates on flood protection schemes.

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