• Gracey Griffin

Windy Station Installation

In November we headed over to Windy Station, a Romani Pastoral farm in New South Wales, Australia. The 15,000ha farm has more than 4,300 animals (projected to double) and 9000ha of crops. Waterwatch was selected alongside other farm monitoring solutions to digitally enhance the operations and productivity of the site.

As the hot, dry Australian summer hits and water becomes scarce, keeping an eye on storage systems is becoming extremely important. Ensuring every paddock has available drinking water and tanks are full enough to last until the next delivery can be hard to manage when you need to travel up to 100km a day. Installing tank and trough monitoring allows the Windy Station team to view all levels from an online dashboard, whether they are on the farm or not.

Waterwatch sensors are installed above tanks and troughs of any shape. Quick and easy installation is done with guided instructions on the Waterwatch mobile app. The hardwearing plastic enclosure is waterproof and UV resistant for long term deployment in harsh environments. With configurable measurement and transmission intervals, the Waterwatch sensor can be set up to suit your requirements.

The Waterwatch Live online platform allows Windy Station to collect, record and track water levels for valuable data and seasonal insight. Knowing how much water is needed at each site will reduce wasted time and money as well as boosting productivity. Waterwatch Live also offers flexible integrations, APIs and export options customisable to suit how you run your business.

The Waterwatch Mobile app is used at Windy Station to see water levels from anywhere on or off site. They are able to share access with staff members, family or neighbours. With set notifications for high, low or rapidly changing levels they will never be caught short again.

For more Waterwatch Live features click here.

The T35 tank sensor was installed on tanks of all sizes throughout the property. For this particular installation, a 150mm riser was installed above the maximum water level to ensure accurate readings when the tank is full. When used on plastic water and chemical tanks, the sensor's radar penetrates through the plastic surface so no holes need to be drilled. The T35 will also detect leaks, blockages and pump failures with preset 'rapid change' alarms, notifying Windy Station of issues before they cause further damage.

If you have a similar project that requires accurate and reliable liquid level monitoring, don't hesitate to get in touch and see how we can help.

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