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Remote Monitoring of Water Races for Irrigation

Recently, Waterwatch installed several LS1 and LS1-P sensors across an irrigation race in Maniototo, Otago. The irrigation company were interested in recording water levels across different points on the water race to manage supply and monitor usage.

This LS1-P pressure-based sensor (pictured) is used to monitor the depth and flow over the weir. It has been installed inside an existing stilling chamber, and along with our other Waterwatch devices, it provides water usage insights for the irrigation company. The LS1-P is a high accuracy, compact sensor making it the perfect solution for replacing the obsolete monitoring equipment. The irrigation company can regularly check our online dashboard to view real-time and historic level data, or they can use it as a 'set and forget' solution and only check the sensors when they have triggered a threshold alarm.

The LS1 sensors measure surface level water and are often used on rivers, streams and liquid storage ponds. This sensor is non-intrusive and hangs above the water race with a 30cm to 5m measurement range. It has 1% accuracy and is suitable for replacing or complementing the existing large and expensive monitoring systems. Both sensors are simple to install and configure yourself. They are mounted either to existing objects or suspended on a beam.

Both the LS1 and LS1-P sensors measure water levels at predetermined intervals and send this data to our cloud platform where it is presented on an online dashboard. Real time data can be viewed on the users smartphone, tablet or desktop computer - or integrated with existing data management solutions.

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