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Turkey Nest and Dam Level Monitoring

Updated: Sep 10, 2019

Waterwatch LS1 monitoring a Turkey Nest

Dams, ponds and turkey nests are vitally important for irrigation and fresh water supplies in agriculture. Waterwatch maximises irrigation potential with constant measurements and data collection to highlight any abnormalities in your water storage systems.

A note to those who are as confused as we first were; a ‘Turkey nest’ is an Australian term for a small earth dam used for irrigation and feeding livestock.

We have installed Waterwatch LS1 ultrasonic sensors above many water storage ponds and dams, allowing the owners to closely monitor and manage levels from anywhere in the world.

Installation example

The sensors are mounted on the end of standard galvanised fencing or scaffolding pipes, 2.5 to 3 meters off the ground and out above the pond. These can be rotated around and lowered for changing sensor batteries or maintainance. Our sensors are housed in a strong, waterproof, polycarbonate and PBT enclosure with no switches or dials. This paired with a long life (>10 year) lithium battery means they require very minimal maintenance. For specifications of these installations, please contact our distributor networks.

The LS1 measures water levels with 1% accuracy making it extremely accurate and reliable. It will recognise dangerously high, low or rapidly changing surface levels and alert the user via SMS and email. Historical data is saved to provide insight on seasonal or changing surface water storage via Waterwatch Live. Current and historical information can be accessed online or on the Waterwatch mobile app.

Because the LS1 is a non contact sensor it can also be used to monitor effluent ponds as well as water storage or runoff for compliance purposes. Eliminate wasted time traveling across your property to check water levels. Monitor all waterways and water stores, even when you are away from the property.

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