• Gracey Griffin

The LS1-P

Updated: Sep 10, 2019

The LS1-P is a highly configurable pressure based remote water depth sensor. It provides a cost-effective solution to wide scale monitoring of water levels in confined spaces such as groundwater bores and underground galleries.

The LS1-P provides accurate water level data directly to the Waterwatch live cloud platform. This platform provides flexible data export options, API’s and integrations with several hydrology and water management systems.

Simply connect and configure with Bluetooth to suit your specific project. Set measurement and transmit intervals to your requirements and alarms for notifiable events. Record, analyse and export historical data as well as viewing live measurements from your computer or smartphone.

The LS1-P is simple to install. The compact sensor does not require solar panels or external power and can be mounted with just 4 M4 screws. Fitted with long life lithium batteries, the LS1-P requires minimal maintenance. It’s UV resistant and IP66 rated waterproof enclosure makes it resilient to harsh conditions.

Events of rapidly rising or falling water levels, sensor inactivity and low battery indication can be programmed with SMS, email or in-app push notifications, to reach you no matter where you are. Access can be shared with other members and actions can be made or callouts managed remotely. Early warning can save valuable time and resources.

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