• Gracey Griffin

Stormwater Network Monitoring

A growing problem.

As the world population grows and weather events intensify with climate change, we face increasing pressure on our city stormwater and wastewater networks. Many cities have ageing infrastructure that performs poorly during heavy rain events.

Waterwatch provides infrastructure owners and managers with the ability to monitor their networks, allowing real time identification of faults. Over time, monitoring data provides valuable insights into network pinch points enabling more targeted upgrades to be carried out.

Telemetry from underground.

Transmitting data from underground (particularly under steel access covers) is major barrier for wireless sensors. To break down this barrier Waterwatch has partnered with access cover manufacturer EJ Co and developed a smart access cover and level sensor solution that allows the radio signal to cleanly propagate through the cover, without affecting the cover's certified load rating.

For situations where the access cover cannot be replaced, we provide a road marker style external antenna solution which can be retrofitted to any access cover.

Key Features

  • Detect faults with high water level alerts

  • Map gives city wide overview

  • Analyse historical data to make informed decisions

  • SMS and Email alerts for maintenance and emergency callouts

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