• Gracey Griffin

Sinclair Wetlands Community Project

50km south of Dunedin, Sinclair Wetlands, Te Nohoaka o Tukiauau is a restored wetland complex. The 315 hectares of diverse ecosystems are known for sustainable practices and community involvement. Their commitment to the environment ensures restoration of habitats, pest control and community education.

Waterwatch provides the coordinators and volunteers of Sinclair Wetlands with the technology and equipment necessary to accurately monitor hydrological levels and flows. This information allows them to plan future wetlands management and make decisions regarding habitat restoration, mahinga kai activities and ensuring access throughout. They will additionally be able to develop weed and pest management as well as developing protocols for subsequent water quality assessments. Waterwatch monitors the Sinclair river channels, pools and swamps to eliminate any uncertainty with changing weather patterns and unexpected changes to the ecosystem.

Being easily accessible via the internet and smartphone connectivity, coordinators can track any abnormalities and set up alerts at high or low thresholds to be notified. This allows immediate reactions to protect the wetland and inform recreational visitors on any changes. It also allows the greater insight into any fluctuations to better understand the factors that affect the environment they work so hard to protect.

Sharing many of the same values and ambitions, we are extremely proud to be supporting the Sinclair Wetlands and their environmental endeavours.

For more information please contact us;

+64 3 477 2779



Waterwatch LS1 installation at Sinclair Wetlands

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