• Gracey Griffin

Remote tasks

We are excited to announce remote tasks as a new feature on our web app for all Waterwatch customers! You can now remotely;

  • Update the schedular (measurement and transmission intervals)

  • Edit and create alarms

  • Upgrade the firmware on your sensor

How to set remote tasks:

You will need firmware version 27 or higher to access these features. If you haven't updated your sensor in a while, connect to the sensor by swiping the magnet down the right hand side of the sensor and selecting Search for Sensors in the app. When you are connected you can scroll down and select the Firmware Update Available option as shown in red. It will take a little while to update. During that period keep your phone close to the sensor. Once completed, the unit will disconnect, reboot and begin running again. The previous sensor settings will be saved and applied. When you next connect to the sensor the firmware section below will show green.

Once you have firmware version 27 or higher, follow these steps to create a remote task.

  • Select the sensor you want to configure

  • In the sensors tab, select Sensor Setup (top right)

  • Select Remote Tasks from the settings list

  • Hit the blue + Create button to get started

  • Choose the options from the drop down menus and click Submit when you are done

It may take 3 or 4 days for the changes to take effect.

If you have any questions or need further help setting remote tasks, contact us at 03 477 2779 or email info@waterwatch.io

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