• Gracey Griffin

Protecting vulnerable communities from sea level rise

The LGNZ report "Vulnerable: The quantum of local government infrastructure exposed to sea level rise." evaluates the implications of sea level rise and estimates the changes that will need to be made to protect communities and city infrastructure.

The report states "until now councils have not had a good understanding of the type, amount and replacement value of local government owned infrastructure exposed to sea level rise, and therefore if and where adaptation planning should be prioritised." It then goes on to calculate the necessary investment that will need to be raised by central and local governments, communities, iwi, businesses and property owners.

The report estimates that as much as $14 billion of local government infrastructure is at risk from sea level rise. It calls on the central government to urgently develop policies to help minimise the impact of climate change on New Zealand’s communities. New level monitoring technology and infrastructure will need to be build to protect vulnerable, seaside communities.

“The costs of and preparing for sea level rise will be significant, but we need to recognise that the costs of doing nothing are even greater. We hope that this information provides our decision makers with a greater sense of urgency to prepare for sea level rise.” This article further states "in addition to sea level rise, climate change will impact not only sea levels, but the intensity of drought and flooding".

The LGNZ understands that "multi-generational investment for sustainable future outcomes is needed now." Measuring and studying fluctuations in our environment will provide valuable insight for governments and policy makers.

At Waterwatch, we strive to create a sustainable and informed future. Our water level sensors are designed as a cost-effective solution to monitor waterways in environmental contexts and city infrastructure.


Read the full report here: Vulnerable: the quantum of local government infrastructure exposed to sea level rise

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