• Gracey Griffin

North Queensland Flooding

Updated: Sep 10, 2019

This past week has seen catastrophic flooding for North Queensland, Australia. Labelled as the “worst flooding event in living history”, tens of thousands of properties have been declared at risk. More than 20 suburbs were underwater after excessive rainfall, causing the river’s dam flood gates to open. The dam was designed to spare the town from more widespread flooding but has ended in disaster for residents.

Thousands have become homeless in their own suburbs, forced to evacuate to emergency shelters and await news on the damage to their homes. Those who are still living in their houses are preparing for more sleepless nights ahead as the flooding is expected to worsen.

The monsoonal deluge has resulted in landslips and flash flooding, sweeping away homes, cars, businesses and livestock. Road blockages and power outages are leaving people stranded and keeping rescuers busy.

The NZ Herald reported that “police, soldiers and emergency services were door-knocking….warning more water is on it’s way”. Waterwatch strives to make flood warnings and water level information accessible to everyone, especially those living in vulnerable and flood prone areas. Traditional river and stream monitoring equipment can be very expensive and cost prohibitive, often leaving doubt and uncertainty for those most at risk.

We currently provide up to date river level information, historical data and warning alerts to residents in small riverside community. This technology can save lives and property, leaving emergency service personnel to more important duties. Our sensors provide information to protect people from the unpredictability of a changing climate.

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