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Groundwater Monitoring by Waterwatch

Waterwatch has been providing the sensors and software for New Zealand's largest 3 Waters provider, monitoring water levels and flow through underground networks. Several sensors have been installed at different points across the network to give clear data from the entire scheme.

For this installation, we have used the LS1-R radar level sensor. The device is small and robust, perfect for tucking into confined spaces without getting in the way.

Similar to the LS1, the LS1-R measures the surface level of liquids. However, the radar is enclosed within the device whereas the LS1 has an external ultrasonic sensor. For monitoring chemicals and other hazardous liquids, the hard plastic enclosure protects the sensor from corrosion.

To install the LS1-R, it is as simple as screwing it onto existing surfaces. Whether attaching to a bridge, a fence post or in a manhole, the sensor has 4 guide holes to secure it in place. The device will connect to your phone via Bluetooth and begin recording data immediately.

Some of the main goals for this project are to;

  • Detect and communicate if a surcharge is happening in the underground network

  • Read and report stormwater and wastewater levels for maintenance and scientific purposes

  • Early stage blockage detection (if levels remain above average for extended time periods)

The sensors are set to measure water levels every 5 minutes, log the data and transmit data packets every 12 hours. If a fault is detected, the data will be transmitted immediately and the team will be notified. Collecting data with this frequency means they can quickly identify faults, track seasonal fluctuations and use the data to provide proof of compliance.

The Waterwatch Live map view gives a quick snapshot of the water levels across the scheme with GPS locations. Both the web app and the mobile app allow management, staff and maintenance crew to view in-depth information on each sensor and export data for further analysis.

If you are interested in water level monitoring for an upcoming project, please get in touch and we can suggest the best option to suit your needs. Flick us an email info@waterwatch.io or give our office line a call +64 3 477 2779

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