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Leak Detection with the T35 Tank Sensor

One of the biggest concerns with storing large quantities of water (and other liquids) is leaks. If your tank has a pump failure, incision, overflow or any other issue, hundreds, if not thousands of litres can be lost.

Waterwatch sensors work on long-range cellular and radio networks meaning they are perfectly suited to monitor tanks in remote areas - away from wifi or base stations. For this reason, many of the tanks being monitored are difficult to reach and rarely manually checked. With other tank monitoring sensors, an alert is only triggered when the tank level falls below a threshold - once the majority of the tank has already emptied.

Our 'rapid change alarm' feature allows the user to set a leak detection alarm to trigger if tank levels are falling abnormally quickly. These notifications can be sent via SMS, email or in-app notifications to members of the organisation. Actions can be taken before more serious damages occur.

One of our customers at Carwoola Station (NSW, Australia) told us that a worker accidentally left a tap running on the morning rounds. Without Waterwatch, the tank would have emptied itself before the worker returned the following morning. Operating on a hot, dry farm through the summer months, this loss of water could have had devastating consequences.

The same applies to any liquid being stored in tanks. Chemicals, liquid fertiliser and calf milk can all be safely monitored by a Waterwatch Tank Sensor. Leak detection on these tanks can not only prevent serious damage, but it may also save you the cost of lost assets.

Along with the high level and low level alarms, the rapid change alarm means the sensor can be used as a set and forget monitoring solution or can be monitored more regularly. The T35 is the most configurable tank sensor and can be easily set up to suit customer need and project requirements.

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