• Gracey Griffin

IoT Flood Warning Systems

Updated: Sep 10, 2019

Traditional flood warning systems are large, difficult to install and extremely expensive meaning that many waterways are left unmonitored. Vulnerable, low lying communities are prone to flooding and have little to no waning when near-by water levels are rising.

We had a vision that one day, accessible flood warning information would be available to everyone who needs it. Designed in New Zealand, Waterwatch is an innovative family of battery-powered wireless data capture sensors focused on improving water management. The initial application was flood monitoring in streams, lakes, dams, rivers and has since been expanded to stored water monitoring and innovative solutions for tidal, estuary and stormwater monitoring.

We currently have three Waterwatch sensors, all designed to fit specific purposes. All sensors are simple to deploy straight out of the box and are compact and discrete so they can be used in more situations.

Ultrasonic Water Level Sensor (LS1)

Our LS1 is uses ultrasonic sound waves to reflect off the water surface. The sensor sends high-frequency pulses to determine how far away the water is. Pulses are sent out at preset intervals and measurements are transmitted back to a secure, cloud-based platform. The user can configure this information to be presented in a way that best suits their project e.g as a depth or percentage.

Unlike traditional water level monitoring equipment, the LS1 has no bulky external components such as antenna and solar panels. Everything required to make the sensor work is housed in a small, waterproof casing. External components can be easily damaged or corrode in harsh environmental conditions. For this reason, the LS1 requires minimal maintenance - perfect for a set and forget monitoring device.


- Flood warning

- River and stream monitoring

- Dam, pond and lake monitoring

- Run-off management

- Environmental protection

- Tidal monitoring

- Agriculture


- Less than 30 mins to install and configure

- Effective in harsh environments

- Text and email alerts for high/low levels

- Battery life 3-10 years

- Information accessible from smartphone or desktop

- Accuracy 1%

Download the LS1 datasheet here!

Pressure-based Depth Sensor (LS1-P)

The LS1-P is a highly configurable remote water depth sensor. It provides a cost-effective solution to wide scale monitoring of water levels in confined spaces e.g groundwater bores and underground galleries.

This sensor uses a stainless steel pressure transducer to measure the depth of a body of water. It's compact size means it can measure water levels in small, difficult to access areas. The LS1-P is used by governments and hydrologists and has flexible export options, API's and integrations with several water management systems. Data collected by the LS1-P can be used for environmental monitoring and Smart City management.


- Groundwater bores

- Stormwater networks

- Underground galleries


- No solar panels or external power

- Simple installation

- Accuracy 0.5%

- Atmospheric pressure compensation

- Built in telemetry

- 10m measurement range

- 15m cable length

- Text and email alerts for high/low levels

Download the LS1-P datasheet here!

Radar Tank Sensor (T35)

The T35 is a high accuracy radar sensor designed specifically to measure liquid levels in tanks. The radar can penetrate through plastic and glass tanks making it a suitable solution for monitoring hazardous chemicals and fuel. Similar to the ultrasonic sensor, the radar reflects off the surface of the liquid it is measuring to determine the level. The T35 is widely used on home and agricultural water tanks to identify high, low and rapidly changing water levels.

With a maximum measurement depth of 3.5m, the T35 is suitable for most standard plastic tanks, concrete tanks and IBS'c. Data is transmitted to our online platform and mobile app, accessible from anywhere. Once installed and configured, the sensor will show tank levels in percentages and alert the user of levels out of specification. The sensor is fully remote so the user can monitor multiple secluded tanks from a single account. With it's non-corrosive and hard wearing exterior, the T35 is the master of tank management.


- Chemical storage

- Agriculture

- Rural properties

- Conservation

- Rental and Air BnB properties

- Home water storage


- Remote tank monitoring

- Accurate and reliable

- Accessible information from anywhere

- No external components

- Waterproof and UV resistant

- SMS and email notifications

- Battery life 3-10 years

Download the T35 datasheet here!

Waterwatch sensors provide adequate data for many situations but have been designed to be used in conjunction with high end equipment. We are not looking to replace traditional flood monitoring stations, but instead provide accessible information and data sharing across more sites.

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