• Gracey Griffin

Introducing Waterwatch Tank Sensors

Updated: Sep 10, 2019

T35 installed at Bull Creek, Otago

The newest edition to the Waterwatch family is the T35 Radar Tank Sensor. The T35 is the only remotely accessible tank sensor on the New Zealand market. It uses radar technology to measure water levels in both concrete and plastic tanks. In plastic tanks, the sensor can measure trough the lid with no holes needing to be cut, making it suitable for chemical tank and corrosive substance monitoring. In a concrete tank, a 50mm hole will need to be drilled for the sensor to measure through.

The T35 transmits data from remote sites, not having to rely on point to point or line of site technology like other available tank monitoring equipment. This makes it the perfect solution for tanks that are further away from your house, difficult to access or if you have multiple tanks across multiple properties.

Like all Waterwatch sensors, the T35 is housed in a durable, waterproof, UV resistant enclosure. It is also extremely simple to install, requiring only 4 screws (and a smartphone to set up).

The sensor works off a low powered radio network or the cellular network, depending on what is available at your property. Data is collected periodically and transmitted to our online platform, which is accessible via the mobile app. Notifications can be programmed to warn the user of high, low or rapidly changing water levels. Historical data can be viewed and studied to identify seasonal trends and anticipate water usages. To check if we have coverage at your property, send an inquiry here or email info@waterwatch.io.

Using the Waterwatch app, tank levels can be monitored from anywhere on or off your property, and access can be shared with neighbours, family members or staff. Save valuable time and ensure water is being used effectively.

If you are interested in the T35 and want to find out more, check out https://www.waterwatch.io/tank-sensor.

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