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IBC Fill Level Monitoring

Industrial water and chemical tanks such as IBCs are widely used for storage and transportation of various liquid products. As important assets in the supply chain and logistics management, monitoring these liquids can provide time and money savings for both individuals and businesses.

Intermediate bulk containers (IBCs or pallet tanks) are reusable, industrial-grade containers for the mass handling, transport and storage of liquids.

These tanks are usually stackable and standardised for shipping. IBCs are used in many industrial and agricultural situations. They often contain important liquids such as oil, lubricants, chemicals, water, pharmaceuticals and flammable liquids.

Because IBC's often hold valuable liquids, it is important that the owner knows how much stock they have and how much they are using. The Waterwatch T35 tank sensor is an accurate, cost-effective solution for measuring liquids in IBC's.

Our compact, unintrusive sensor measures the liquids surface and relays this information to your smartphone or computer as a fill percentage. Programmable notifications will alert the user of low levels to ensure a refill or replacement is ordered before it is needed.

Our T35 sensors are being used on IBC's on farms and for industrial chemical storage and have proven to be very effective recording data. The radar sensor, in most cases, is able to measure through the plastic making it completely unintrusive and non-corrosive. They are also fully remote so data can be accessed from every tank no matter where you are.

See what is happening in every tank across your business, wherever you are, from the Waterwatch Live web platform or Waterwatch Mobile app. An organisation can view all their sensors in one place, as a simple percentage or in more depth with historical data collection. They can also share access with staff or contracting members to ensure refills arrive on time, avoiding expensive last minute call outs. With flexible export options and third party integrations, you will always have your finger on the pulse of your business operations.

Simply configure the sensor to suit your specific project;

- Choose measurement and reporting intervals

- Set data formats (percentages or litres)

- Name your sensors

- Set alert thresholds to notify via SMS, email or push notifications

- Add suppliers, customers or staff members who need the information

Save money and time;

- Eliminate implications of running out

- Reducing manual tank checking

- Avoiding expensive emergency deliveries

- Leak detection before damages occur

- Safely monitor corrosive substances

- Access remotely, reduce travel costs to check tanks

- Simple DIY installation

For enquiries - https://www.waterwatch.io/contact

The T35 Sensor - https://www.waterwatch.io/tank-sensor-features

Buy online - https://www.waterwatch.io/shop

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