• Gracey Griffin

An Installation for Bilbo Baggins

We recently installed our T35 sensors on several tanks at New Zealand's most visited farm and world-renowned movie set. It is important that the staff and management team know how much freshwater they hold for keeping the rolling hills green as well as providing clean water for their guests.

The 12 acre movie set near Matamata hosts 600,000 guests annually as well as raising 14,000 animals so relies heavily on their onsite water supplies. The farm has plastic water tanks throughout the property in sets. Each set of tanks are plumbed together meaning the levels are linked. For these situations, only one T35 is needed to monitor each group.

The tank blocks throughout the property are all viewed on a single online dashboard. This is presented on a map with a simple percentage for each sensor. More information is available for each sensor including historical data, as well as the ability to configure the sensor.

Various staff members also use the Waterwatch mobile app to view tank levels and receive text, email and in-app notifications for outstanding readings. These can be viewed from anywhere on or off the property for constant peace of mind.

The Waterwatch T35 is the perfect solution for monitoring remote tanks. The high accuracy sensor measures water levels through the plastic lid and is simple to install - requiring just 4 screws. The unit does not have any external parts meaning minimal maintenance is required. The set and forget tool ensures water is available when needed and the operations at the farm continue to run smoothly.

If you have a similar project we could help with, please contact us - info@waterwatch.io

T35 Tank Sensor

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