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Flood Monitoring

A Growing Problem

As the world population grows and weather events intensify with climate change, we face increasing pressure on our city stormwater and wastewater networks. Many cities have ageing infrastructure that performs poorly during heavy rain events.

Waterwatch provides infrastructure owners and managers the ability to monitor their networks, allowing real time identification of faults. Over time monitoring data provides valuable insights into network pinch points enabling more targeted upgrades to be carried out.

The Waterwatch solution is a vertical platform dedicated to providing tools to better manage important water resources and help society adapt to a changing environment. Waterwatch products are designed for long term field development. The sensors remotely track liquid level changes to identify floods and more.

Comprehensive Coverage

The Waterwatch LS1 non-contact ultrasonic water level sensor provides a cost effective solution to gain comprehensive monitoring coverage of your flood protection scheme.

Keep updated with changes in water levels as they occur with real time alerts. Ongoing monitoring allows issues to be identified early so preventative maintenance can be carried out before weather events arrive.

Monitoring at Scale

Designed to scale globally from the outset, our products access the most modern network technology, future proofing for years to come. Our product offering across technologies like LTE M/NB-IoT, LoRaWAN and Sigfox position us ahead of the pack.

Our goal is to ensure flood-prone communities are protected from the unpredictability of natural waterways. Traditional monitoring equipment is both expensive and difficult to install, leaving many vulnerable communities at risk. With simple, DIY installation, a Waterwatch device provides cost-effective monitoring and flood detection and alarms for unusual readings.

Used by local governments, city councils and utilities throughout Australasia, Waterwatch is proving to be the gold standard in water level monitoring.

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