• Gracey Griffin

Otago and Southland Deluge

Major flooding events in Otago and Southland caused evacuations, power outages and destruction of property all over the region.

The damages to homes and farmland came at a huge cost to owners with one family on the Taieri Plain estimating over $200,000 in losses. The ODT reported “The couple felt such flood events were probably going to become more common and they would have to look at how to set themselves up to deal with it in the future”. South Dunedin residents were urged to sandbag their property with those in the Henley area being advised to evacuate their homes for several days.

Our Waterwatch community page has been providing critical river level information to the Waitati community and East Taieri School. We have also provided the Dunedin City Council with the tools to monitor flood levels in the Mosgiel area.

One of our LS1 sensors monitoring the flood protection scheme on the Taieri Plains claimed a new submerged field sensor record. During the flooding the sensor was submerged for 13 days, returning to normal and continuing to measure after the water subsided with no maintenance required. This has reaffirmed our great confidence in the durability of Waterwatch products.

Waterwatch provides insight about our water resources, helping society adapt to an ever changing environment. Our expertise in environmental protection can help residents and city councils to predict, manage and minimise the effects of flooding events in the future.

For more information on our sensors please contact us;

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