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Concrete Tank Monitoring Installation

One of our most frequently asked questions is "Can I install a T35 tank sensor on a concrete tank?". The answer is yes! However, the radar sensor on the T35 cannot measure through the concrete lid like it can on a plastic tank. For this reason, a hole is required for measuring the water surface.

These steps can also be used on metal tanks or tanks with a thick plastic lining.

The first step is identifying a flat surface on the top of the tank that is at least 200mm above the maximum water level. We recommend using the lid or access cover as it is easy to move and install on.

If your tank doesn't have any flat surfaces, we also have an angled mounting shim which can be stacked below the sensor to level it out - ask us about this option when placing an order or find it on our online store.

With concrete tanks, some of our customers have opted to replace the access cover with a wooden or metal lid that is easier to lift and install the sensor on, however, with the right equipment and DIY know-how, installation on a concrete lid is perfectly suitable.

First, drill a 50-60mm hole where you want the sensor to be mounted. This is a standard hole saw size (used for doorknob holes). Position the T35 above the hole so the sensor has a clear view of the water surface.

To secure the sensor, either screw in place through the guide holes or silicone/glue around the edge of the base plate. Replace the lid back on the top of the tank and check that the sensor is measuring properly.

Now that the sensor is installed, continue with the setup process to activate your sensor and configure it to suit your project needs.

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