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Chemical Tank Monitoring by Waterwatch

Monitoring chemical tanks is not only extremely important, but it can be dangerous if you do not have the right equipment. From chemical spills and burns to foreign substances contaminating the liquid, accessing the tank faces its challenges.

Most level indicators that are currently available sit in or on the water making them unsuitable for measuring corrosive substances. The Waterwatch T35 is designed for safe monitoring of corrosive substances, using non-contact, non-corrosive radar technology.

These sensors are being used by a forestry company in New Zealand. The company requires regular updates on chemical storage levels so has set their device to measure every 5 minutes and transmit data every 30 minutes. If an alarm threshold is reached (the tank is too full, too empty or is dropping rapidly) the abnormal measurement is transmitted immediately and a notification is sent.

The compact sensor sits on top of the plastic tanks and measures the surface level. This is displayed as either a distance or percentage full to suit your needs. With flexible configuration, the T35 is suitable for tanks of almost any size and shape.

Because the Waterwatch tank sensor measures through the plastic, no holes are needed and nothing is placed in the liquid. The device is fully contained in a hardwearing, UV resistant and waterproof enclosure for long term deployment in harsh conditions. With no external solar panels, cables or adaptors, the sensor will require minimal maintenance within the 3-10 year battery life.

The Waterwatch Live platform allows you to view real-time and historical levels, export data and configure your sensor. Other benefits of the Waterwatch Live service include installation assistance as well as supporting device management. The Waterwatch Mobile app has many of the same features for quick, on the go monitoring.

This graph from Waterwatch live shows the data collected by the sensors (pictured above) from the last 30 days.

If you want to monitor corrosive chemicals or any other liquids, we would love to hear from you and see how we can help. Inquire today at https://www.waterwatch.io/contact.

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