• Gracey Griffin

Remote Monitoring of Amenities Blocks

Many councils and businesses manage remote amenities blocks for various projects. These facilities will often pump or store water and chemicals on site. As the facilities are remote and are visited infrequently, if damages, leaks or overflows occur, they often go unnoticed for a long time.

Waterwatch provides a cost-effective solution for monitoring remote liquid storage facilities. Our sensors measure liquid levels at set intervals and transmit results to a secure, cloud-based platform. The data can be viewed in real time and is also recorded to provide historical and seasonal insight.

To use the sensors as a set and forget solution, simply add alarm thresholds and receive SMS, email and in-app notifications when an alarm is triggered. The Waterwatch Live platform provides flexible data export options, API's and integrations with several hydrology and water management systems.

Monitoring for water and chemical tanks.

The T35 is a high accuracy sensor designed specifically to measure liquid level in water and chemical tanks. The T35 is easy to install, requiring just 4 self-tapping screws. With it's non-corroding and hard-wearing exterior, the T35 is the master of tank management.

Monitoring for ponds, dams, water races and streams.

The LS1 is a highly configurable non contact water level sensor ideal for water storage and open waterway monitoring. Trusted by water utilities, city councils, regional governments and home owners around the world, the LS1 is proving to be the preferred solution for monitoring in remote areas.

Effortlessly monitor dams, ponds, troughs, open tanks, rivers, streams, weirs and more to ensure they are working effectively within compliance boundaries and you are maximising the use of your water assets.

Monitoring for groundwater and underground galleries.

The LS1-P is a compact and configurable pressure based depth sensor. It provides a cost effective solution to wide scale monitoring of water levels in confined spaces. The LS1-P transmits accurate water level data directly to the Waterwatch Live cloud platform or integrated software.

If you would like any further information or have an upcoming project we can help you with, please contact us at info@waterwatch.io or on +64 3 477 2779

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