LS1 - P Remote Water Depth Sensor

Optimise your water usage.

The LS1-P is a highly configurable pressure based remote water depth sensor.
Suitable for tanks and ground water bores, the LS1 - P provides both periodic data collection and threshold based notifications. 
Waterproof - IP66
Up to 10 Year Battery Life
10m Maximum Depth, 0.5% Accuracy

Flexible Configuration.

Set measurement and transmit rates to suit your project.
Extend battery life with Alarm Only Mode

Simple Installation.

No Solar Panels or External Power required
Mounted with four M4 screws
Tank mounting accessory available
Connect and Configure via Mobile App
Test network coverage
Verify installation with test measurements

Real Time Alarms.

Rising or Falling water level

Sensor inactivity alerts

Low battery indication

SMS and Email notification

Powerful Cloud Application.

Monitor networks in the Map View
Browse trends in the History Charts
Share data with team members
Manage Callouts and Notifications
Integrate with our APIs

Comprehensive Product Support.

Online Training Sessions
Online Help Center
Firmware Upgrades from Mobile App
Battery & Service Kits Available


Groundwater bores

Stormwater Networks


Concrete Tanks

Water Race Monitoring

The LS1-P


The LS1-P is a highly configurable pressure based remote water depth sensor. It provides a cost-effective solution to wide scale monitoring of water levels in confined spaces such as groundwater bores and underground galleries.

Water Race Monitoring


We installed several LS1 and LS1-P sensors across an irrigation race in Maniototo, Otago.


This LS1-P is used to monitor the depth and flow over the weir. It has been installed in a stilling chamber, and along with our other Waterwatch devices, it provides water usage insights for the irrigation company. 

Groundwater Monitoring


This LS1-P depth sensor is one of a regional network of groundwater level recorders throughout Canterbury, New Zealand.


The information collected with Waterwatch Live is used by Environment Canterbury for water resource management.

Case Studies.

LS1-P Water Depth Sensor


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