LS1 Water Level Sensor

The LS1 ultrasonic water level sensor is the first completely remote sensor by Waterwatch. This sensor was designed to measure liquid level in open waterways such as rivers, streams and ponds.
The LS1 is a cost-effective solution for accurate water level measurements. The robust exterior and long battery life mean the sensor requires minimal maintenance and can be installed in difficult to access locations. 
Live data can be accessed from your smartphone app or via our online platform. Threshold notifications can be set to alert the user via SMS, email and push notifications to want of high, low or rapidly changing levels. 
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Installation types...
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Used by water utilities, city councils, regional governments and homeowners around the world, the LS1 provides both periodic data collection and threshold based notifications. 


River and stream monitoring

Water trough monitoring

Pond and dam monitoring

Open tank monitoring


River and stream monitoring

Tidal monitoring

Marshland monitoring

Smart City

Consesnt compliance

Sediment monitoring

Case Studies

Carwoola installation

River and stream benchmarking

Downer sand filter

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