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Water level monitoring in industry.

Our award winning products are the most configurable, durable and fit for purpose on the market. Our low cost, high accuracy sensors provide effective monitoring of water levels from open waterways to chemical tanks. 


Sensor deployment time, human error and repeat site visits are reduced with Waterwatch's blend of robust design techniques and smart mobile commissioning apps. 

Consent Compliance

It is common for municipalities to require water level monitoring during construction projects or new developments. Often sediment and filtration ponds are put in place to minimise environmental impacts from surface water runoff. These ponds must be monitored to provide evidence that they are functioning correctly.


Waterwatch provides a simple solution to meet consent requirements and can be used to provide early warning if ponds are filling up which allows operators to avoid overflows.

The Waterwatch LS1 water level sensor is cost effective, easy to install, discrete, and provides reliable data to demonstrate the effectiveness of sediment and filtration systems.

Weir Level Monitoring 

Designed for collecting open channel water level measurements, the LS1 is well suited for monitoring irrigation schemes such as weirs and water races.

The non-contact sensor can be installed above the water, either attached to existing structures or mounted on a custom frame. The long-life battery can give consistent measurements for up to 10 years or can be configured to suit your needs. 


This LS1 is monitoring a water race in Central Otago to track water movement through the irrigation scheme. The owner wants to prevent waste and overflow and ensure the allocated amount of water is delivered to each property on the scheme.

Using Waterwatch Live or the Waterwatch mobile app, the user can track changes and receive alerts for unusually high or low levels. 

Chemical Tanks

The T35 is a high accuracy radar sensor for measuring liquid level in tanks. The sensor can measure through plastic tank lids, removing the need to drill holes in your tank and reducing the risk of chemicals spilling out of the tank.

Our online platform and mobile app allow you to check tank levels whenever you need and reduce restocking costs by making informed decisions about when refills will be needed.


The long-life battery and remote network communication mean the sensor is a perfect solution for tanks that are difficult to access. Low level and leak detection alarms can be set on tanks of all shapes and sizes.

Remote water tanks

The T35 is the only remotely accessible tank sensor on the New Zealand market. It uses radar technology to measure liquid levels in all types of tanks. 

The T35 is simple to install and set up. Manage multiple tanks and share access with others. Set notifications to alert your phone or computer when levels are too high, low or rapidly changing. 

Remotely access tank levels from your smartphone or desktop from anywhere in the world. Ensure tanks on remote sites are working efficiently and can be restocked before they run dry.

Key features

  • Shared data access with regulatory bodies
  • Export to CSV for reporting
  • Real time water level alerts
  • Analyse historical data
  • Wide network coverage for use on remote tanks 
  • Flexible installation types

Accurate and reliable monitoring to suit any project.

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