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Water tank monitoring

The trend to rent out holiday homes for another income stream is on the rise, and if that home is on tank water supply there is an additional obligation on the owner to ensure there is enough water for holidaymakers.


Water is the worst thing to be without when you need it. The installation of a Waterwatch T35 sensor on the tank is the solution to a holiday home owner’s nagging doubts over their tank water supply.


The user can be informed with alerts to their mobile phone or email about their water levels and keep an eye on water usage data.


Using the Waterwatch Mobile app, low and high water level alerts can be configured to give real time notification when water overflows or a tank runs dry. Set to suit your needs, effective and reliable data is available whenever you need reassurance.

How it works

The Waterwatch sensor sends alerts to the homeowner’s mobile phone, or email if the tank level is getting low.


Thresholds can be set at the homeowner’s preferred level, and there is future scope in this technology to provide a full service where a tanker of water can be ordered automatically when levels reach crisis point.


With a built-in battery and robust waterproof enclosure, the sensor will keep homeowner’s connected to their water supply for up to 5 years.


There are no other moving parts or power sources, so maintenance is limited to changing the battery - alerts are sent about battery levels as well.



Key Features

Easy installation with mobile app

View water levels in percentage full 


Map gives an overview of water levels around the property


Analyse historical data to discover seasonal trends


SMS and Email alerts


Set measurement and transmission rates to suit your project

Powerful cloud application to share data with team members and manage callouts and notifications.


Easy to install and with minimal maintenance required, Waterwatch is the simple, cost effective solution to any holiday home owner’s water tank systems. It provides information, monitoring and warnings, available at any time no matter where you are.

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