Downer Sand Filter 

Downer group Auckland have recently installed a Waterwatch LS1 device to monitor outward flows and ensure they are compliant with the environmental consent guidelines.


Downer designs and builds assets, infrastructure and facilities throughout New Zealand and Australia.


The construction company has recently implemented a ‘Zero Harm’ policy throughout all areas of business which aims to minimise environmental impact and  achieve a sustainable future.

The Waterwatch LS1 allows Downer to monitor and control the amount of water flowing out of their yard to ensure that they do not harm the fragile ecosystems living in surrounding waterways.


The regulations state that the sand filter must be filtering at a minimum rate of 301mm per 24 hours. The LS1 can track this and send alerts when it meets a predetermined threshold, allowing Downer to be able to respond before it is too late. It will also record and graph the data as evidence of compliance to the legal requirements.

It is not uncommon for a level of monitoring to be required in construction projects to ensure compliance with rules and regulations. Similar installations of Waterwatch devices have also be used in a number of other areas of consent compliance including water runoff, holding ponds and catchment pits.


This is not only useful in many industrial areas of business but also relevant to residential development. This will ensure protection of our environment as well as meeting legal guidelines set by regulators. The LS1 can also be installed to monitor effluent discharge, a pressing environmental concern to many New Zealanders. 


The Waterwatch LS1 water level sensor is cost effective, easy to install, discrete and provides reliable data to demonstrate the effectiveness of sediment and filtration systems.

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