T35 - Remote Tank Level Sensor

Master of Tank Management.

The Waterwatch T35 Tank Sensor is a radar sensor, designed specifically to measure liquid level in plastic water tanks.
Thoughtful design means that the Tank Sensor is easy to install with just 4 self tapping screws, no brackets required.
Receive up to date tank level information direct to your mobile device or computer.
Reduce fuel and restocking costs by making informed decisions about when refills will be needed. 

Do it all from your phone.

Tank level information is displayed on the Waterwatch app.


The app will send alerts to your phone for high, low and rapidly changing water levels, allowing you to fix leaks, order refills and regulate usage before it is too late.


View all tanks on your property with the easy to use app or from your computer, anywhere in the world.


The user-friendly configuration and displays make monitoring valuable assets simple

What makes it better?

Many tank monitoring systems require highly intrusive installation processes and use pressure or ultrasonic sensors to measure liquid level. These systems may also include external antennae, solar panels or extra cables to connect, which increase the likelihood of failure over time.


The T35 is a price competitive, discrete one piece level sensor and telemetry unit. It uses advanced 60GHz pulse radar technology allowing it to see through materials like plastic and glass.

It is made of non-corrosive materials making it suitable for measuring both water and other liquids.
No incisions or holes are required in the tank during installation, meaning it is unlikely that contaminants get in or chemicals spill out.

Taking only 5 minutes to install and having the same features as our other devices, the T35 is the leading option for plastic water tanks and corrosive liquids.


  • High water level alarm


  • Low water level alarm


  • Leak detection and alarm


  • Email, SMS and in-app push notifications 


  • Displays in percentages or litres 

  • No wifi, antenna or solar panels needed


  • Works on existing, long-range cellphone network (Spark and Vodafone)

Key Specifications.

  • Maximum tank depth 3.5m 

  • Accuracy <1% 

  • Battery life >10 years

  • IP67 Waterproof Rated

  • Polycarbonate + PBT reinforced enclosure


Rural Properties


Chemical Storage



Rental Properties

and AirBnb

Home Water Storage

Case Studies.

Holiday Homes


With the rise in holiday home rentals across the country, home owners have increasing fears about their water tank monitoring.


The T35 is the most cost effective and accurate solution for water tank management.


Read more about how the T35 tank sensor can help you better manage water resources and save you time and money.

Introducing the T35

The T35 is the only remotely accessible tank sensor on the New Zealand market. It uses radar technology to measure liquid levels in all types of tanks. 

The T35 is simple to install and set up. Manage multiple tanks and share access with others. Set notifications to alert your phone or computer when levels are too high, low or rapidly changing. 

T35 Tank Level Sensor

T35 Tank Level Sensor


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