Peace of mind on the farm.

Water management is a critical aspect of farm environmental management whether it is for stock, household drinking or irrigation.

Waterwatch provides a complete solution to remotely monitor tanks, troughs, ponds and irrigation schemes.

The LS1 is easy to install, discrete, and has a battery life of up to 10 years (at 15 minute measurement intervals). It requires minimal maintenance, leaving you more time to focus on what is most important. The sensor operates wirelessly on an existing radio network with 94% population coverage in NZ and 82% in Australia. On demand coverage is available in rural areas where required.

You can view all your sensors on the Waterwatch Live webpage or mobile app with real time level measurements across your entire property. Low and high water level alerts can be configured to send SMS and Email notifications providing advance warning of any issues.

Through our secure, cloud based API, Waterwatch Live also records measurements to analyse historical data and recognise seasonal trends so you can learn more about your farm, allowing preemptive management of water resources.

Trough Level Monitoring

Waterwatch can remotely monitor water troughs around the property to ensure every animal has their needs met. Check all troughs at every corner of the property from home, or anywhere in the world.

Easy to install and equipped with a 10 year battery life, the LS1 is the simple, time saving and cost effective solution.

Use the Waterwatch App to set minimum thresholds and alerts for low water levels.

This means you are only running out to the trough when you know it needs attention. Waterwatch provides piece of mind and is the quickest, easiest way to ensure that all water systems are in working condition.

Water Tank Monitoring

Water is the worst thing to be without when you need it. Keep an eye on the most valuable resource for your home, land and livestock.

The installation of a Waterwatch sensor on your tanks removes uncertainty about water tank supplies saving you time. The T35 enables early detection of blockages, leaks and pump failures, reducing remedial costs.

The T35 uses a radar sensor to measure water levels at predetermined intervals and sends these measurements to your desktop or mobile device. Notifications are sent out by SMS and email when extremely high, low or rapidly changing water levels are detected. The level and timing of these notifications are all customisable.

Remain on top of ordering and refilling water supplies with notifications and alarms configurable on the Waterwatch app or website to ensure all areas of the farm are operating in the most efficient way they can.

Dam and Pond Level Monitoring

Dams and ponds are vitally important for irrigation and fresh water supplies. Waterwatch maximises irrigation potential with constant measurements and data collection to highlight any abnormalities.

The LS1 measures water levels with 1% accuracy and is housed in a waterproof certified IP67 and durable enclosure making it extremely reliable. Historical data is saved to provide insight on seasonal or changing surface water storage.

Manage effluent pond storage and runoff within compliance boundaries. Waterwatch helps you to recognise any leakages, overflows and failures to water systems.

Dam failure can have catastrophic consequences if the structure is breached or damaged. Monitoring of water levels is useful to anticipate any problems and take action to be taken before failure occurs.

River and Stream Monitoring

Traditional river and stream level monitoring equipment is both expensive, and complicated to install.

Our sensor provides a cost effective solution to gain insight into the water- ways flowing through your property. Effortlessly monitor rivers and streams to collect valuable seasonal insights, maximize water usage, and monitor flood risks.

The data produced by Waterwatch Live can also be used to identify relevant flows for water quality testing to assist in compliance monitoring.

Early flood warnings allow for livestock and valuable assets to be moved to higher ground and damage to be prevented. Waterwatch helps to ensure your property is protected from the unpredictability of natural waterways.

Flow Monitoring

Water meters are an effective way to monitor water use and can detect small leaks add losses in water systems. 

Learning of changes in flow lets farmers know that there are problems with their water system. Early identification of leaks, pump failures and blockages can reduce water loss and ensure the farm is operating productively.

Remote water systems can often go days or weeks without manual checks. A steady flow throughout the night can indicate leaks in the system.


With multiple flow sensors throughout the scheme, users can quickly identify exactly where these are occurring and repair problems, reducing pumping costs. 

Key features

  • Easy installation with mobile app
  • Tank mounting bracket available
  • Map gives overview of water levels around the farm
  • Analyse historical data to discover seasonal trends
  • SMS and Email Alerts

Remotely monitor tank levels with ease.

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