About Us

In October 2017 Tussock Innovation launched Waterwatch, a brand dedicated to improving water management, stemming from our shared values of environmental protection.


Starting out as a flood abatement solution, we quickly realised the many applications for our new found technology and how we can protect and manage nature’s most precious resources.


Our mission is to provide the necessary insights to better manage our precious water resources, and help society adapt to a changing environment. This reflected in the attitude and design ethos of Tussock Innovation staff. Every Waterwatch product is designed to have the lowest environmental impact possible from the product packaging through to the long life batteries.

Our desire is to make a positive difference in the world and develop a solutions designed for simplicity and flexibility.


Looking into the future, we believe that water management systems are necessary in all areas of life whether it be for environmental protection,  infrastructure or personal use.


Join us in leading the way to a more informed, sustainable future.

Tussock Innovation design and manufacture  internet connected hardware and software products. Tussock Innovation solutions are designed with a focus on usability and cutting edge innovation.


From our Dunedin base we have developed more than 40 unique hardware, firmware, and app products for leading New Zealand companies such as; Escea, ADInstruments and The Tarn Group.

Keeping abreast of international technology developments and best practice methods ensures that Tussock Innovation has a toolbox full of practical, state-of-art solutions.

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